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Vaid Jitender Nagpal is founder of  URBFORT PRIVATE LIMITED. From year 1868 his forefathers have been practicing Ayurveda.

Vaid Jitender Nagpal is the best 5th generation  of family who had launched URBFORT PRIVATE LIMITED. Each product is practiced tested and experimented by him. Each product is affordable and result oriented. He had faced  hardship and to get the pure and best quality medicine to cure patient. In 2002 he started manufacturing  products from Nagpal Herbals Now URBFORT PRIVATE LIMITED is a part of Nagpal Herbals. He is faithful and advice giving person. URBFORT PRIVATE LIMITED is India‘s most trusted ayurvedic natural consumer products manufacturer. URBFORT PRIVATE LIMITED has more than 50 products. 

Benefits Of Ayurveda

Everyone knows that Ayurveda is a medicine that has been used for centuries in India, but there is more than this being used as a medicine. It was a cult that draws its origins from Vedic culture in India. This 5000-year-old art of natural healing was curbed by the foreign invaders who came into the country for their own selfish motives. However, it is gaining momentum now in the country as well as in foreign lands too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does have any side effects?

    It has no serious side effects.

  • What does it feel like?

    Most patients describe it has effective products.

  • What is Ayurveda used to treat?

    If you have broken bones, acute bleeding externally or internally, advanced, acute, debilitating forms of diseases, or cancer you are seeing an allopathic doctor.

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